Hello and Welcome to Good Driving Tips.

On last weeks blog I talked about the proper usage of the highway passing lane and I hope everyone is observing the passing rule. Stay right except to pass. Today I’m going to discuss proper driving etiquette on the streets of your city. The thing that really bothers me the most is when someone blocks an intersection at a traffic light. Please I beg you use some wisdom. If you are at an intersection and have a green light but the cars across the intersection in front of you are stopped or backed up, assess the situation and if it appears the traffic won’t be moving before your light turns red stay put. If you try to make the light and the traffic ahead is backed up all you’re going to do is create a traffic jam for the cross traffic because you are stopped in the middle of the intersection. What is the logic in that and what are you accomplishing? You are not saving any time because you are sitting still, really the only thing you’re doing is aggravating the drivers who can’t go because you are in the way. So next time you find yourself in that situation think about the other drivers and stay put at the light.

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